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He seems genuine

He seems genuine

[9 days before Isabelle disappeared]


RENÉE (3:47PM): WHO!??!

ISABELLE (3:47PM): Tyler!

RENÉE (3:49PM): Guy from class?

ISABELLE (3:50PM): Yes.

RENÉE (3:52PM): Awww, isn’t that sweet. When are you guys going out?

ISABELLE (3:53PM): After the mid-terms. So, like, a week or so.

RENÉE (3:55PM): Nice. Wanna double, just in case he turns out to be skeevy?

ISABELLE (3:57PM): Hmm…maybe. I don’t get that impression from him though. He’s seems genuine, so I think I’ll be fine.

RENÉE (3:58PM): Okay, well, think about it, and lemme know.

ISABELLE (4:00PM): Cool.

RENÉE (4:01PM): Or, at the very least, like keep in touch with me during the night.

ISABELLE (4:01PM): Okay MOM.

RENÉE (4:01PM): 😛 The offer stands, you petulant child.

ISABELLE (4:01PM): I’m so excited and so nervous!

RENÉE (4:01PM): I’ll help you pick something out and all that.

ISABELLE (4:01PM): You’re the best.

RENÉE (4:01PM): And…well…I think it’s time we had The Talk.

ISABELLE (4:01PM): Oh please. Anyway, gotta get ready for work. See you later tonight!

RENÉE (4:01PM): K, see ya.

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