Searching for Isabelle | Searching for Q+A: Ajile Jean-Baptiste
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Searching for Q+A: Ajile Jean-Baptiste

Searching for Q+A: Ajile Jean-Baptiste

Interview with Ajile Jean-Baptiste, Chicago-native and Dillard University freshman

Q. How did you get involved with Searching for Isabelle?
A. I met Stephanie through my mother, Aisha, who met her through her performance arts group. She asked if I wanted to shoot a few mother-daughter scenes and I said yes.

Q. Did you have acting experience before performing for the pitch video?
A. My acting experience was and still is very scarce! I took drama in 8th grade and attended an acting summer camp in middle school. I did enjoy the experience, though. I learned how long the process takes for just one scene and how many people it takes to make a scene flow!

Q. Tell us about your current projects, jobs, goals, passions, etc.
A. I’m currently a Pre-Physical Therapy major at Dillard University in New Orleans, Louisiana. My main goal is to graduate in June of 2019 and enter a three year Masters/PhD program that September.

Q. What are you watching and/or listening to these days?
A. I don’t have much time for tv, but my favorite artists currently are J. Cole and Tink.

Q. Coffee or Tea?
A. Tea! Preferably mint with two tea bags, honey, and condensed milk.


Ajile Jean-Baptiste is the co-star of “Have You Seen Her?: Mother and Daughter”, featured in the pitch video for Searching for Isabelle. WATCH it on our home page.

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