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Searching for Q+A: coriama couture

Searching for Q+A: coriama couture

This is a Q+A with coriama couture, a Chicago-based performer, world traveler, and ABCS educator. What is ABCS? Read below to find out!

Q: How did you get involved with Searching for Isabelle?

A: My friend, Xavier, told me about a friend of his, Denayja Reese [production manager], that saw my Instagram and thought I was the type of person that would be interested in a film that was being created in Chicago. When I learned what the film was all about I didn’t hesitate to show support.

Q: Did you have acting experience before performing for the “Have You Seen Her?” video?

A: Not at all, I have a lot of friends who are actresses and actors. I’m hoping they rubbed off on me a little bit.

Q: Tell us about your other projects, jobs, goals, passions, etc.

A: I have a lot of goals and passions but ultimately I want to perform, educate, and travel for the rest of my life. My passions are the ABCS (Art.Beauty.Culture.Sexuality). A lot of my activism, art, and my passions as an educator deal with these topics. I believe the ABCS intersect and interact to create the unique lens through which we all view the world, so my aim is to utilize the ABCS to help myself and the world navigate a better understanding of our collective humanity. I’m all about creating spaces for people to be understood and even challenged culturally, intellectually, and academically through dialogue.

Q: What are you watching and/or listening to these days (Film/TV, music)?

A: I love South African House music right now! Trans-hop music, electronic sometimes, and cultural sounds from around the globe.

I don’t own a television so I’m only watching things when I’m with friends or a movie is recommended to me.

Q: Coffee or Tea?

A: Say yes to the tea! I love it, I prefer rooibos, Matte’s or Chai. You must add cream to all of mine unless they are herbal and I will love you for life.

Follow coriama on Instagram at coriamacouture

coriama couture is the star of “Have You Seen Her?: The Couple”, an original promo video for Searching for Isabelle. WATCH it on our home page.

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