Searching for Isabelle | Searching for Q+A: Dan Haberkorn
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Searching for Q+A: Dan Haberkorn

Searching for Q+A: Dan Haberkorn

Dan Haberkorn is an artist and creator of the Searching for Isabelle graphic designs

Q: How did you get involved with Searching for Isabelle?
A: I came across Searching for Isabelle through producer Marianne Greco’s husband, Sam. He indicated that the team were looking for someone to flesh out some design ideas and I was looking to expand my professional network.

Q: Talk about some of your other projects. What else are you working on?
A: In terms of recent/prospective works…I just wrapped a series of industrial videos for BowlmorAMF (formerly Brunswick). The script called for a gumshoe / private eye strategy and we created period sets, wardrobe and even managed to procure a sexy 1939 Ford Deluxe to fan the film noir flame. There’s something so rewarding about shooting in black & white.

In addition, I’ve recently reconnected with a writer friend from LA who’s asked me to assist in pulling together a pitch
campaign for a comedy/horror story- because what’s not to love about about laughing at people getting maimed? 😉

Q: What is your design process?
A: “Process” can be a misleading denotation at times, it implies a set of procedural steps.. and yet each project often demands it’s own unique approach. Technology is changing that however – I’m seeing more designer/artists reach for templates and customize those. To someone who’s made a career from creating one-of-a-kinds…it’s mind boggling to put your name on someone else’s efforts…but the templates are often well thought-out and executed.

In the case of Searching for Isabelle, I read the script and met with Stephanie and Marianne. The next step was to find a focus or personality…of coarse it’s easier when you have actual footage to work with…but we didn’t…so I’m inserting my interpretation of the story… I concentrated on locations, a couple key props, and finally, the mystery aspect. The title sets the tone… somebody is missing…Well where are they? What happened to them?…There’s also a darkness to the piece that finally steered us to the final selections.

Q: What are you watching and listening to these days?
A: My girlfriend hooked me on Walking Dead- as well as some other sci-fi based installments. It’s interesting how many TV shows are conspiracy or sci-fi-centric these days. My inner geek couldn’t be happier. I’ve been too busy to take in movies recently, but I do want to see the latest Pixar and The Martian.

Musically, I’m all over the place and have my fave streaming options..KCRW…Chilltrax, etc.

Q: Coffee or Tea?
A: Funny- I see myself as a tea man- but it’s the dark coffee bean that gives my morning purpose.

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