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Searching for Q+A: Leon Joshua Nunn

Searching for Q+A: Leon Joshua Nunn

Spotlight on Leon Joshua Nunn: Entrepreneur and barber by day; dashing movie star by night.

Q. How did you get involved with Searching for Isabelle?
A. A friend of mine (photographer Andrew Thomas Clifton)  called me on my off day and asked me if I was interested in being a part of a short film. I immediately said sign me up.
Q. Did you have acting experience before performing for the “Have You Seen Her?” video?
A. Not exactly, just a few high school plays.
Q. Tell us about your other projects, jobs, goals, passions, etc.
A. I own a barbershop named OASIS (Over Achieving Since I Started) and I’m currently working on opening a second barbershop near the South Loop area.
Q. What are you watching and/or listening to these days?
A. Going to the movies is my favorite past time. So I’m there at least once a week watching everything good or bad [laughs]. Musically have an eclectic taste, but of late what’s in heavy rotation is Switchfoot -Beautiful Letdown, Gungor – Ghost Upon the Earth, Kanye West – 808 and Heartbreaks, and anything Snarky Puppy makes.
Q. Coffee or Tea?
A. WATER!!! I’ll go to Starbucks 4-5 times a year for coffee and I typically drink tea when I’m sick…but I’m never sick. [laughs]

Leon Joshua Nunn is the co-star of “Have You Seen Her?: The Couple”, an original promo video for Searching for Isabelle. WATCH it on our home page.

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