Searching for Isabelle | Searching for Q+A: Stephanie Jeter (part 2)
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Searching for Q+A: Stephanie Jeter (part 2)

Searching for Q+A: Stephanie Jeter (part 2)

Below is part one of a Q+A with Searching for Isabelle writer/director Stephanie Jeter. You can read part one here.

Q: How does Searching for Isabelle fit into your own creative and professional goals? 

A: I’ve been working as a crew member on movies and TV shows for nine years now. I’ve had great experiences and have learned a lot, but I got into this business to create. Searching for Isabelle is the right project at the right time. It’s a project that’s close to my heart, and I’ve really enjoyed exploring the genres intermingling in this story. I’ve been eager to dust off those ideas that have been sitting on my shelf while I freelance, so this is a great opportunity to get my work produced.

Q: Tell us about some of your other projects.

A: I’m currently finalizing a coming-of-age fantasy set in suburban Chicago (a territory I’m all too familiar with). It’s undergone a lot of reworking over the years, even a genre shift, but I’m excited about where it’s ending up. I hope to get that  project off the ground after my short debuts. I have several other scripts in the works, including (but not limited to!) a feature film adaptation of one of my favorite thriller novels, a biopic based on my family, a detective TV series (I’m very inspired by Scandinavian series), a sci-fi feature, and a comedy web-series. I’m also head of production at Open TV, an online platform dedicated to producing work by under-served artists. Our development slate is filled with a lot of great projects.

Q: What are you watching these days? 

A: ‘The Leftovers’ – season 1 was so unexpectedly eerie in a way that most people can’t put their finger on, which is an amazing accomplishment.

‘The Knick’ – just finished season 1, and was completely engrossed by it.

‘How to Get Away with Murder’ – Viola Davis. That is all.

‘The Returned’ season 2 (French series).

Q: What are some of your favorite thriller/fantasy films?

A: Pan’s Labyrinth changed my outlook on what it means to make cinema both magical and real. I recently saw a movie titled The One I Love, which was beautifully understated. Donnie Darko gave me goals in life. Wild card: The Witches of Eastwick.


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