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Searching for Q+A: Tessa Gillett

Searching for Q+A: Tessa Gillett

Chicago-based graphic artist and burgeoning actor Tessa Gillett on rekindling an old flame

Q: How did you get involved with Searching for Isabelle?
A: I got involved with Searching for Isabelle by way of the wonderful, [production manager] Denayja Reese. She told me about the project and I was immediately interested.  I’m naturally drawn to big themes. Searching for Isabelle does not shy away from that. Here’s a subject that is rarely visible or discussed for that matter. We’re talking about overlooked missing women of color. So, supporting films like this helps to raise awareness about this issue and engage the conversation.
Q: Did you have acting experience before performing for the “Have You Seen Her?” video?
A: Yes, I actually have a funny story about that. I started acting when I was in high school. There was only two plays produced during those four years, which is why I’m such an advocate for the arts.

Fast forward to college, I ended up playing the lead in two plays, that created the spark again. This past February, I just decided to pursue acting seriously. I’m still learning everyday but the first step is making the decision.
Q: Tell us about your current projects, jobs, goals, passions, etc. 
A: I’m also a Designer. I’ve designed for several local and known music acts and brands.This year, I was selected to design the Baton Rouge tour poster for J. Cole. During the summer, I launched FST Brand (Frame St.) a lifestyle cycling based clothing and collective brand.
Q: What are you watching and/or listening to these days (Film/TV, music)?
A: I watch a lot of old film. I’m constantly trying to learn from those before me. I’m digging into Ruby Dee and Sidney Poitier’s filmography.  These days, I’m listening to Lance Skiiiwalker, The internet, Logic, Cole, Kendrick.
Q: Coffee or Tea?
A: Hmmm I need both actually. On the healthier tip, I’ll choose Tea.

Tessa Gillett is the star of “Have You Seen Her?: Woman with dog”, an original promo video for Searching for Isabelle. WATCH it on our home page.
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