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Red Cap Guy

Red Cap Guy

[16 days before Isabelle disappeared]

ISABELLE (6:05PM): Ugh, Blood-Dripping Rare Steak Guy just walked in. I wish you were here to deal with him.

RENÉE (6:12PM): God that guy is gross. Good luck!

ISABELLE (6:14PM): You’re always good with him. What’s your secret?

RENÉE (6:16PM): Smile and nod. Don’t open the door for conversation.

ISABELLE (6:19PM): So…basically treat him like every other customer?

RENÉE (6:25PM): Essentially, yes. Oh, and don’t make eye contact! I’m convinced he’s a vampire and he’ll charm you and you’ll wake up naked in his dungeon somewhere out in, like, Rockford or something.

ISABELLE (6:35PM): Are you binge watching True Blood?

RENÉE (6:37PM): Best show ever. Oh, has that other creepy dude come in?

ISABELLE (6:42PM): Which? There are so many…

RENÉE (6:43PM): Red Cap Guy. Now that guy gives me the creeps.

ISABELLE (6:55PM): Nope, hasn’t been in…Ugh, Jake is watching me like a hawk. Gotta go. Feel better! XO


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