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Searching for … Locations

Searching for … Locations

10/20/2015, Updated 6/13/2016


We need locations. Yes you can get screen time and other promotional advantages for your business while helping to create this great film. If you have the perfect place, or know someone who does, let us know at

If you’ve been to this blog post before, you’ll see that we’ve broadened some of our location parameters. We’ve realized looser criteria can help us cut costs without compromising the story.

We’re hoping that by late summer (funds and schedules willing) we’ll need access to the following locations:

INT. BASEMENT – DAY:***YEA*** We’ve found our basement! It’s on the South side of Chicago. Watch for pictures and info as we discuss the details.

It’s got block windows and concrete floors. We’ll have to build a wall with a door, but we know a few carpenters…(who will be hearing from us soon!)

INT./EXT. BISTRO/COFFEE SHOP – DAY/NIGHT: We’re looking for a charming, hip, vaguely European neighborhood spot located in the city of Chicago in a business district. We’d use the interior and exterior of this location during daylight hours and at night. If you have location suggestions, or know the owner of any such restaurants, please let us know. A big picture window would be a creative bonus!

EXT. HOUSE – DAY/NIGHT: We’re looking for a house — ideally a brownstone, townhouse, or row house –located in the city of Chicago on a street which has residences on both sides. We would primarily use the exterior of the house. That said, access to the interior of the home for lighting and facilities is very important. Bonus karma if the the opposite side of street is residential as well.

INT. FLOWERSHOP/BOOKSTORE – DAY/NIGHT: We may have to cut this location. It’s up to you. Right now, we don’t have the budget for as many scenes, but if we can raise additional funds we’ll get to keep this engaging and spooky scene.

We’re looking for a cute, “quaint,” well-stocked shop to shoot interiors only during daylight hours and at night. Must have a counter. A large picture window here would also be ideal. Why well-stocked? Isabelle needs a place to appear unnoticed, behind a large floral display or stack of books. This shop would have the kind of door suited to an old-fashioned bell.

Looking forward to seeing your space.


Marianne Greco, Producer


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